AP Minister reveals the actual budget of RRR

It was known that the AP government allows a hike in ticket prices only if the movie budget was 100cr excluding remunerations of actors and director. AP Cinematography Minister Perni Nani confirmed that the actual budget of India’s biggest multistarrer was 336 crores excluding remunerations of cast and crew. 

The director Rajamouli and producer DVV Danayya quoted this budget in the application. The Andhra Minister said that their committee has been scrutinizing their application and will take a favourable decision.

Recently, Rajamouli said the AP government allowed 100 rupees hike per ticket under the Super High Budget category. Perni Nani also said that the AP government was permitted to increase ticket rates for 10 days.

And he also mentioned that 20% shoot in AP rule won’t be applicable to RRR as the movie was completed before the new GO was released.

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