AP Minister Perni Nani confirms RRR team applied for ticket rates hike

AP Minister Perni Nani confirmed that RRR producer DVV Danayya applied for the ticket rates hike as stated in new GO. As per the new GO, films with 100cr budget(excluding remunerations of cast and crew will be applicable for hikes in ticket rates. 

Mr Nani granted permission for hikes in ticket prices for India’s biggest multistarrer RRR. Already, the AP government allowed five shows per day to all movies after Bheemla Nayak’s theatrical run is almost over. 

A couple of days back, SS Rajamouli met YS Jagan and said that the AP government allow special permission of increasing Rs.100/- per ticket on RRR under Super High Budget movie category.

The RRR team is also pondering over paid premieres on 24th March evening in select theatres in both Telugu states, a day before its grand release.

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