AP minister Botsa Satyanarayana slams Puvvada Ajay

Andhra Pradesh State Minister Botsa Satyanarayana commented on Telanagana Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay’s comments on Polavaram Project. Earlier, Puvvada Ajay commented that Polavaram Project height has been raised from previous model and the areas that will be affected by this in Bhadrachalam should be included into the Telangana state. He also stated that Bhadrachalam itself could be under water or drowned due to Polavaram height increase.

Botsa replied to these allegations and said,” If someone from AP asks Centre to revert their decision to divide United AP and join Telangana with Andhra Pradesh like previous days, will you accept? Will you accept if someone of us ask for Hyderabad to be added to new AP state and Telangana should find a new capital?”

He further said, ” Ajay should concentrate on what is happening in Telangana state and not in AP. We haven’t increased the height of the Polavaram Dam and those who proofs, we did, can show them to the media or court. We are constructing the Dam as per the previously agreed designs. Before spreading lies, one should learn to collect proofs for them.”

Puvvada Ajay’s comments have turned out to be sensational in the media circles and political world. Godavari river and Krishna river have been the life givers for both Telangana and AP states. As the dependency is more, water distribution has always been a problem with other states for the Telugu land. Now, both the Telugu states are fighting with each other over water distribution.

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