AP Govt clarifies on weird tenth “pass marks” row

Andhra Pradesh State Government released tenth SSC results. Students got confused looking at some results as few have been declared failed and few have been termed passed with scores at 11, 17, 23 and even 15. Students did not understand this phenomenon and social media posts of certain mark sheets showing 11 marks as Pass have gone viral.

Students trolled the government and asked them to clarify on the issue. For several hours, social media has gone mad about this weirdly low pass marks and some sensed that there is corruption going on with tenth results too.

Government on Twitter issued clarity by posting guidelines for marks in scoring students with mental conditions. They wrote, “As per the Marks guidelines, the students who have specific medical conditions are granted passing marks. The false propaganda being played on social media mocking the medical condition of a child is deplorable. Please verify before posting misleading information.”

Well, the guidelines decided have 10 marks as pass marks for several subjects and 20 as pass marks for several.

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