AP girl commits suicide due to drunkard father!

Few stories make us feel like we are living in filth and a society covered with people that just don’t deserve to live. A father harassed his daughter to a level that she couldn’t help but commit suicide. She tried four times to kill herself and fourth time, she became successful.

Police found two letters – one she wrote to her mother about how much she loves and misses her and second one stating how much she hates her father and her wish to kill herself. They even found a dairy in which she wrote, “I HATE MY FATHER” four times.

It was his harassment that lead to her taking such a decision. She hailed from Nandigam, Andhra Pradesh. Her mother died a year ago and father became an alcohol addict. He started to abuse his children. She had a brother and was just 16 years old. In her letter, she wrote that she tried to kill herself thrice and someone saved her all the time.

When nobody was home, fourth time she managed to kill herself by hanging. Her brother informed this to his father and even police. Police have registered case and the investigation started about how father harassed his own children.

Here we would like tell you all just one thing, when you know that someone around is going through depression due to any issue, try to stay with them and help. They may not accept your hand, they may try to hurt you but remember they are reflecting their hurt feelings and they don’t actually hate you. And in these kind of cases, only a person who feels lonely commits such actions. Try to help them as much as you can and stay away from some habits that make you into an animal.

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