AP Digital Corporation joins WhatsApp!

AP Digital Corporation, a state-level nodal agency in AP, has launched its very own verified interface on the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp.

As a torchbearer agency responsible for strengthening the digital presence of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, APDC bridges the gap between the Government and the grassroots.

In line with this objective, through the newly launched WhatsApp interface, APDC aims to disseminate information promoting the state government’s public welfare schemes, policies, and programs. This will not only help spread awareness among the beneficiaries through a targeted approach, but it will also aid the fight against the spread of misinformation.

Recognising the need for and importance of such a platform in a vast state like Andhra Pradesh where the internet penetration is on a rapid rise, WhatsApp India has extended robust technical support to build a customised solution on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

In addition to this, APDC is working toward adding more functions to this interface and launching a full-scale WhatsApp chatbot soon. The proposed chatbot will integrate important information regarding GoAP’s welfare schemes. APDC’s first-of-its-kind verified WhatsApp interface and chatbot is a welcome measure to take GoAP’s good governance efforts straight to the grassroots in the state.

“We are excited to work with WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, to take Hon’ble CM YS Jagan Sir’s progressive agenda to the public of Andhra Pradesh. This will help take APDCL’s agenda of being the bridge between the government and public, through digital media, further.” ~ Sri Chinna Vasudeva Reddy, VC & MD of APDC.

“We are honored to support Government of Andhra Pradesh in their effort to enhance e-governance in the state. It is our continuous endeavor to work with governments and city administrations across India to build versatile and customized e-governance solutions on the WhatsApp Business Platform for making communication with citizens quick, easy and scalable.” ~ Shivnath Thukral, Head of Public Policy, WhatsApp India

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