AP CM Jagan slams NCBN and Pawan Kalyan as “cheats”

AP CM YS Jagan talked at the Sathya Sai District public meeting, addressing Farmers. He released Rs. 2,977.82 crores to 15.61 lakhs farmers directly into their bank accounts as compensation for crop loss during 2021 Kharif season.

AP CM YS JAGAN at Sathya Sai District
AP CM YS JAGAN at Sathya Sai District

At the meeting, he talked about how YSRCP Government has been farmer friendly government and unlike previous TDP rule, we have released Rs. 6,685 crores to 44.28 lakhs farmers in three years. TDP released only Rs. 3,411 crores to 30.85 lakhs farmers under crop insurance scheme.

He then lashed out calling NCBN and Pawan Kalyan (whom he refers to as NCBN’s adopted son) as “cheats”. He satirically asked Pawan Kalyan to show at least one farmer who did not receive right compensation from the government again.

He commented on Pawan Kalyan saying that he failed to show one farmer who couldn’t receive help from Government during tough times. He also said that current YCP AP Government will always be friendly to poor and backward people. It will be welfare friendly and people who want to spread lies cannot bring them down.

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