AP CM Jagan releases “Jagananna Amma Vadi” funds

Andhra Pradesh State CM YS Jagan released “Jagananna Amma Vadi” scheme funds on 27th June at Srikakulam. He addressed public at the meeting and said that Amma vadi scheme has been established to help poor uneducated children to get educated.

He said, ” I know the value of education in a society. We are here to help poor and oppressed and work for everyone. My wish is to see more and more educated youth in our state. Work for the educated youth will be provided in near future and no one should be feeling inferior due to lack of proper education.”

He further stated,” My father Shri Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy garu, wished and loved to see a person showing interest to learn new things and without education, innovations in technology and progress in society can never be achieved. I firmly believe in this and would love to see every poor family having mote and more educated individuals who can support their families in future.”

He explained that to make education affordable and help poor they have brought this scheme and funds have been disbursed directly into the bank accounts of mothers of the students. Jagan quoted the numbers that they have released 19,618 crores of Rupees till date and 40 lakhs students’ mothers will get Rs. 6,595 crores this year. To make education compulsory and improve the standards, he said that they had to make 75% attendance compulsory in government schools. He called the fees charged as nominal.

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