AP CM Jagan laid foundation for Ramayapatnam Port

Andhra Pradesh State Chief Minister YS Jagan laid foundation for Ramayapatnam Port in Nellore district. In Ulavapadu Mandal and Mondivaripalam area, Ramayapatnam beach will now be a port.

After laying foundation, Jagan said that the local people will be given more importance to get jobs in the port. He also said that in coming days things will change and 75% new jobs will be going to the locals in the state.

He said, “Four new ports will be constructed along with six ports. Andhra Pradesh state will look at the new income generating ways in coming days. We will start the constructing of the new ports soon. We will finish the first stage of construction of Ramayapatnam port in 36 months with Rs.3,736 crores.”

Ramayapatnam port will be able to export 25 Million tones of material in the coming years and this is the target of the government. Cargo, Coal containers berths will be constructed at the port.

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