AP CM Jagan at Davos: State effectively fought Covid-19

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan is attending World Economic Forum, Davos and at a panel meting about Health Services, he talked about how Andhra Pradesh state effectively handed Covid-19 cases and the pandemic. He stated that state lacked a city like Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai with multi-super specialty hospitals and funds to handle the crisis.

He stated that State lacked funds too as a newly formed state, they had to face many financial challenges and Covid-19 spread made it difficult for them to progress forward. He further said that Government coordinated with local police forces, grama volunteers to reach out to each house in the state and said that they tried to work on spreading awareness among the common public about the disease.

He further said that mortality rate in the state has been lower than Country average and they achieved this by reaching out to doctors, medical staff in remote rural areas. Right now, he stated that government is concentrating on improving health infrastructure in the state.

He further said that when government can track if the health services are reaching out to remote areas, then only it can confidently claim victory and they have been accomplishing that. He accepted that there is dearth in funds but expressed hope that things will change soon. He announced that AP is looking overcome shortage in qualified doctors by constructing new medical hospital academic centers. AP Government is going to spend Rs. 16,000 crores on improving Health Infrastructure and it has brought 2,446 diseases under Arogya Sri.

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