Anushka to appear in a never before seen role?

Anushka Shetty has taken a break from films as she had to go through some crazy weight transformations for Baahubali films, Size Zero and Bhagamathie. She got injured during the shoot of Singam 3 and she had to undergo few surgeries to recover as well.

Hence, she has decided to take a break and work in only those films that will suit her age and body shape. She did appear in Nishabdam two years ago but she did not seem to be entirely happy about her character in the film.

Other actresses post Baahubali would have tried to use the opportunity to do more films and as many as they can as well. But she chose to take a break and it is in a way forced due to her physical health condition too.

Anyways, she is coming back and this year in the later half, we might see her film on big screen. We have already updated that she accepted a movie in the direction of young director Mahesh with Naveen Polisetty in leading role.

We now got the information that she will be playing a chef and Naveen could be seen as a stand-up comedian. Reports suggest that as a chef she will sport a look that she has never ever tried before. She will also play a middle aged woman going through few issues.

Movie shoot will start in May and the team has plans to finish the shoot in few schedules at a stretch. Naveen has been in demand for his comedy acting chops and if reports turn out to be true, he will nail the character with ease. It would be interesting to see how this pairing will work out on screen.

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