Ante Sundaraniki team releases a Trailer Glimpse

Ante Sundaraniki film starring Nani and Nazriya Fahadh is releasing on 10th June, 2022. Movie already has good buzz among the family audiences and youth. Even though it seems like a regular love story between a Christian girl and an orthodox Brahmin Boy, trailer glimpse offers that there is some more to it, than the team revealed till date.

Nani and Nazriya chemistry seems to have worked out well in the film and it will be the novel factor for the film post release. Even makers seems to be banking on this factor. Mythri Movie Makers are busy promoting this film as well after their big budget Sarkaaru Vaari Paata with Mahesh Babu.

F3 fate will be decided on Monday, 30th May, as the families prefer to visit theatres generally on holidays or on weekends. We have to wait and see, how they will react to another darling of families, Nani’s film on 10th June.

His V and Tuck Jagadish released directly on OTT and this film’s opening will be clearly observed by trade to estimate how audiences are reacting post pandemic. Acharya and SVP gave an idea and F3 collections during weekend showed that families are ready to go to theatres. Trailer of Ante Sundaraniki could be make or break for the film. It is releasing on 2nd June. Vivek Sagar composed music for the film and Vivek Ahtreya wrote & directed it.

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