Amber Heard recounts a tearful memory in court

When a relationship fails, people who lived through it either part ways with holding memories dear to them or turn everything that once held precious to them ugly and irrelevant. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case is the classic example of the latter kind of a relationship fall out.

Johnny Depp called it a magical relationship until things became violent and ugly. Amber Heard took witness stand at US Court for the first time and shared her testimony fighting back her tears. Fans of Johnny have already determined her as a drama queen and a smear campaign is running against her calling her names.

She shared her testimony recalling the first abusive incident between them. She shared that she got slapped by Johnny not once but thrice for asking him about Wino tattoo. She said that she can never forget that day as it changed everything for her. Later, she said that he conducted a cavity search on her body by tearing her clothes and sliding his fingers inside her private parts, in search of cocaine.

Johnny Depp earlier called her a liar and said that none of her stories are true. Well, he sued her defamation worth 50 Million USD after her post od article. She counter sued him for 100 Million USD for defamation. Johnny said in his previous testimonial that he lost his role in Pirates of Caribbean due to Amber Heard’s allegations against him. Amber Heard’s psychiatrist supported her by saying that she told him about the Wino incident and cavity search incident as well.

International audience are looking at the case with keen interest to see on whose side will court decide the justice exists. Both of them have made strong submissions till date.

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