Alex Zevrev’s injury garners huge traction on the net

French Open has become highly popular on the Internet not due to the quality of the tennis but due to the injury of Alex Zevrev. The upcoming Tennis Star has been playing some of his best groundstrokes to keep Nadal at bay in their Semi Final clash.

Both played more than 2 and half hours their two sets before the injury incident happened to Zevrev and he gave walkover to Nadal. Now, Nadal has reached another final of French Open and he has all the chances to win the tournament.

But Rafael Nadal expressed concern about Zevrev’s injury and commented that he knows the pain of leg injuries and he has been battling few. He commented that he would get a replacement if he can and after the career he had, he would like to retire peacefully.

The players were at 7-6, 6-6 score line before Zevrev twisted his right foot while playing a stroke. The player had to walk away from the arena on crutches. He left the arena as audiences gave standing ovation and Nadal helped him walk. Nadal wished for Zevrev to win many tournaments in future.

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