Akira Nandan shows off his musical Talent

Fans of an actor like to follow their family members and try to closely observe their life as well to get a glimpse of their favorite actor in candid pictures with them. Down south, stars enjoy great following and fans of the stars closely follow heir or whom they identify as heir of their favorite actor.

The kids of stars get instant fans and celebrity status. Such people are called, Nepotism Kids these days. In films or even in any business, successors to famous people normally belong to their family or mostly their kids take it up as their “responsibility” to carry forward legacy of their forefathers. Such kids do have much pressure and expectations to handle throughout their life.

Akira Nandan, son of Pawan Kalyan and Renuu Desai, has found such following and fans of Pawan hope to see him on screen soon. He graduated school and that became a trending topic on Social media.

Renuu Desai shared the image from graduation day and posted this heartfelt message as a proud mother.

“An era ends and an era begins
Proud parents of an amazing boy on his graduation day.
No more getting ready for school early morning, no more worrying about the bus timing, no more rushing to get the lunch packed on time, no more tutions, no more PTM, no more school…
I have told Akira that his true journey begins now and I hope he finds his own spot in the sunlight without needing the light of his parents.
My little baby grew up really fast”

Later, we found this clip on Twitter, where we can see Akira showing off his musician skill by playing Dosti song from RRR on piano. Pawan Kalyan looks highly proud in the image and why won’t he be. Congratulations Akira, have a great career ahead.

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