Ajay and Sudeep have altercation over Hindi

Ajay Devgn does not really react on Social media about other actors and any issues. Unless and until they are extremely important, he doesn’t make a statement. He even stays away from quick Q & A sessions that normally actors indulge in. He tends to remain private unless he has to promote his films.

He made few strong comments on Yash Raj Films only when he had to clash with Jab Tak Hai Jaan film prior to release as theatres blocked by YRF Distributors did not his film Son of Sardar, a wide release. Post that he stayed away from controversies and even when his personal life came into news headlines due to few infidelity rumors, he remained silent.

But for Kiccha Sudeepa’s comments about Hindi not being National Language anymore, he reacted. He took to Twitter to ask Sudeep if he feels Hindi is not our National language then why he is dubbing his films and releasing them in Hindi. And he reasserted that Hindi is our National Language and it will remain as so.

Sudeepa took to Twitter to clarify his statement and he said that he did not make those statements to provoke anybody or have a debate about it. He clarified that he made those comments in good humor and will explain about them more in person to Ajay.

He stated that he respects all languages and that statements have been taken out of context. He said that he would like to end the debate on social media and would love to explain whenever he gets a chance to meet Ajay. Well, India uses English and Hindi as official communication languages and India has 17 official languages and no affirmed one National Language.

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