AIDS Survey: Adultery among AP Men is high!

National Family Health Survey conducted a survey among South Indian states to contemplate which state is at higher risk of finding more AIDS infected patients. In simple words, they needed to identify the probable risky states for chances of high AIDS inflections.

According to the survey, Andhra Pradesh topped the list by saying that they have had at least 4 sex partners other than wife or lover. The survey conductors asked the participants to reveal the details of their sex life under the clause of anonymity. The participants shared that in last 12 months they had multiple sex partners.

This indicates growing adultery in our society. Telangana stood second with Men from the state claiming to have at least 3 sexual partners. Lakshadweep and Kerala said that they had only one partner while Tamil Nadu men said that they had 2. Karnataka Men revealed to also have 2 partners.

Well, no court has stated adultery punishable offence if the partners involved are adults and have consent. But morally and health wise, this is a dangerous indication.

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