Again, Telangana government allows Rs.100 hike on RRR ticket rates

Earlier, Telangana government allowed movie ticket fares hike for big films and five shows per day after meeting Telugu cinema bigwigs. With that decision, movie ticket rates have been augmented to a certain extent which was hard for the middle class people.

Already, multiplexes have been charging almost 300 rupees and single screen theatres were Rs.200/-. After the request of RRR distributors and team, the KCR government allowed permission to increase 100 rupees for multiplexes for three days from 25th -27th March.

From 28th March- 3rd April 2022, multiplexes charge Rs.50/- instead of Rs.100/- per ticket.
The AC single screens allowed to hike Rs.50/- for the first three days and Rs. 30/- will charge from 28th March-3rd April 2022. These new rates will be a huge burden on middle class families.

With these new hikes, weekend rates for Single Screens will be almost 250 and multiplexes will charge over 400 rupees per ticket. From 28th March-3rd April, the rates for single screens will be over Rs.200/- and over Rs.350/- in multiplexes.

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