Accused gets bail in Jubilee Hills Gang Rape Case

Jubilee Hills Rape Case has created huge sensation as the accused and victim are minors, one major. Even big politicians and minister like KTR asked for severe action on the minors for committing heinous crime.

Accused have been sent to judicial custody, juvenile home and they did not get bail for months. 4 Minors have been granted bail on Tuesday and on Wednesday, they have been released from the juvenile home.

Saduddin Malik, the major among the accused got bail on Thursday after his family filed review petition. Justice has asked his mother to give a written document as promise that her son will never ever commit the same mistake again.

She accepted and the accused got mail. All minors involved have accused Saduddin of proposing the act and even pushing them to commit it. Well, social media is burning with trolls and accusations on political involvement in him getting bail. The victim is from another country and she has concluded identification parade as per the law.

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