Aadi Sai Kumar’s BLACK Movie Review

Cast: Aadi Sai Kumar, Darshana Bainik, Vennela Kishore, Kaushal Manda

Music by Suresh Bobbili
Edited by Amar Rddy
Cinematography by Satish Mutyala
Produced by Mahankali Diwakar
Written & Directed by GB Krishna

Black movie is the new one from Aadi Sai Kumar and he has been trying to find a string of successful films or one big success that will end his dry spell at the box office. The actor has tried several themes but none seems to be working for him at this moment. Black has come out in theatres on 28th MAY and let’s see if this movie will change luck for him.

Aditya (Aadi Sai Kumar) and Arjun (Aadi Sai Kumar) are twins but hate each other. Arjun likes to live his life as a freebird but Aditya likes to apply rules. Their differences in opinion never sort out and fed up Arjun leaves the house. Aditya becomes a cop and he is framed in one theft case. Unable to understand how he got framed, Aditya starts to investigate and finds out that Arjun framed him. Now, he has to prove his innocence and fight with the emotions in himself to arrest or not arrest his brother. Can he find out the real reason behind Aditya’s behaviour and hatred? Can he prove his innocence? Watch the movie to know more.


Movie follows some classic thriller troupes to the core. But never rises above the minimal writing and deliver a solid punch. There are enough elements and more films to refer from to deliver much better thriller alas the director has decided to stick to basics. It hurts the film’s tempo and never really serves the purpose of mounting a thriller on this scale with this casting. Movie needed a much focused writing and clever screenplay like 13B or Red or Hare Ram but it doesn’t come close to those films.

Performances wise Aadi Sai Kumar delivers the best. He has a dual role and he carries them with ease. He has improved as a performer but his script selection is not helping his cause. Darshana Bainik doesn’t really get much to do. Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh, Satyam Rajesh are in the film but they too don’t get any juicy parts. Kaushal Manda from Bigg Boss 2nd season gets some good scenes but again execution undermines him. Movie could have been lot better for the promise it had plot wise. Writing and execution terribly undermine the ambition of filmmakers.

Aadi Sai Kumar’s performance
Visuals by Cinematographer

Sluggish pacing
Lethargic writing
Unnovelistic Execution

Bottomline: Black lacks thrills!
Rating: 2/5

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