A possessive lady harasses a girl due to suspicion

Some people just give their inner psychos chance to shine at any given opportunity. One lady harassed a girl, suspecting that her husband is cheating with her. She invited the girl to her house, locked her in and then invited four boys and with their help inserted rods, sharp items into her private parts. This incident shocked everyone in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

The girl lost her consciousness and she has been transferred to a nearby hospital by neighbors. Police have arrested the lady, Gayatri and another five boys. The investigation is going on and the girl parents are asking for police to press charges.

Gayatri found out some photos of her husband and the girl in his phone. She thought they both are having an affair behind her back. Her husband tried to clarify that they are just acquaintances but she never believed him completely.

These kind of people react in such a way due to extreme possessiveness and even if someone was having affair, this act could never be justified. Here is the video report about the incident on your favourite channel.

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