A new demand on rise – Separate Bhil Pradesh!

In India, there are more caste and community classifications now, but once it was Royals, commoners and Tribes. Commoners are those that lived in cities, villages and worked as peasants, businessmen, royal courtesans, government officials, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, priests and educationalists. Royals belonged to ruling family and clans of kshatriyas that generally ruled or belonged to such families. Tribes are those who lived in forests that were spread around 70% of the land, once.

Now, tribes or indigenous people are slowly vanishing or mixing up with commoners. We cannot expect them to still maintain old lifestyle but they tend to come up with some or the demand, courtesy political ambitions of few leaders and new tribal demand in country is for Separate Bhil Pradesh.

Bhils are tribal community that existed right from early Santana days and they came into prominence due to their rebellions against British in 1846, 1857-58 and 1868. British Government categorized them as criminals. After India earned Independence, Bhils settled in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Rajasthan and they are now living all around the world.

But those living in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and few northern parts of Maharastra, came up with a demand to give them their separate Bhil Pradesh that once existed as Bhil Nation. The demand came into prominence in 2019 with Bundelkhand demand. In 2021, local political leaders have started moments to reach out to Central Government.

Now, people who claim to belong to Bhil community, started trending #WeWantSeparateBHILPRADESH on Twitter. Here are few of those tweets and their claims.

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