A minor girl raped and accused live stream the act!

In India, the rape cases are increasing day to day. We don’t know how many are not coming forward as only those cases that come to live are known to us. Another rape incident has been reported by a minor girl in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

She is just 16 years old and two boys ageing 21 years each, took her to a hotel room and then gang raped her. They did not stop there, they have decided to live stream it to their friend. This happened on 2nd June.

Police have registered the case under Posco act and noted that these accused have been repeat offenders and abusers. These accused names have been connected to few other rape cases as well.

Well, they have been on the run and the girl needed courage to come up to the police and register complaint. She even said that the accused have live streamed their act on a web site and uploaded her images, video on porn sites.

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