A crazy fan of NTR bought 75 RRR tickets in the US

In the south, hero worship is next level. Fans will do anything for their demigods. They not only dance before their matinee idols cutouts but also they contribute to the society like their stars by doing charity work.

Already, Tarak fans have been doing a lot of charity work. This time, it’s about movies. A crazy fan of NTR has bought 75 RRR movie tickets in Dallas Galaxy theater, Texas. Tarak fans have seen four long years to witness their matinee idol on the big screen. This shows how fans were eager to watch RRR.

Maverick director Rajamouli and team have planned paid premieres on 24th March evening in Telugu states. Soon, the theatres’ list will be revealed. RRR releases on 25th March across the world in multiple languages.

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