25 Years for Preminchukundam Raa: Our Little Heart!

Love stories in Telugu Cinema have been quite regular but only few managed to stay test of time and fresh in the memories of viewers. Premnagar, Premaabhishekam, Maro Charitra, Geetanjali can be classified as best love sagas ever produced in Telugu Cinema. One movie that can claim a little heart besides them is Preminchukundam Raa.

Movie released 25 years ago and if you happen to watch it today, you will still feel it as fresh as the time you watched it for the first time. For those, who never watched it, you might feel it is similar to Jayam, Nuvvu – Nenu but actually those films have come after this one and can be claimed to have been molded on the screenplay designed for Preminchukundam Raa.

Venkatesh has been playing matured roles like he did in Suryavansham and Pelli Chesukundam but he decided to turn the clock a bit and look younger. As Giri, in this film, Venkatesh brought vulnerability to a young man who is falling in love and then ferocity to someone who is looking to save it, desperately. Little heart biscuits in Telugu states have become iconic symbol for lovers.

Writers Paruchuri Brothers, director Jayanth C Paranji, leading lady Anjala Zaveri all discovered themselves agan with this film. While Paruchuri Brothers doesn’t need this movie as much as the other two, being debutants, the writers needed to prove that they are still versatile after being typecast for action genre films. Sri Hari showcased why he needs to be respected as an actor in this film and Jayaprakash Reddy found huge fame with the movie.

Unfortunately both are not there with us now, but this movie is a milestone in their careers. For Venkatesh, this movie added life to his career that seems to be going in one direction, that is, family hero image. Preminchukundam Raa broke mold for him and he could deliver many more beautiful films like Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav, Kalisundam Raa, Premante Idera, Jayam Manadera because of the image makeover this movie gave him.

Well, this is our little heart remembering the movie. Suresh Productions official handle shared this video from the reunion party.

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